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Amir Raeesy, MD

Laser & Medical Spa & Internal Medicine located in Encino, CA

About Dr. Raeesy

Amir Raeesy, MD, is a board-certified internist who provides exceptional care for his patients at Balboa Medical Center & Spa in Encino, California. 

Dr. Raeesy earned his medical degree from Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, one of the top medical schools in Iran, located in Shiraz. After graduating, he relocated to Phoenix, Arizona, where he completed a residency in internal medicine at the Maricopa Medical Center. 

With over 14 years of experience in internal medicine and medical cosmetics, Dr. Raeesy takes a more holistic and comprehensive approach to his med spa treatments, which ultimately produces better results and higher patient satisfaction. He pioneered the liquid facelift and is an expert in various cosmetic procedures.

Dr. Raeesy is passionate about connecting with his patients and providing them with highly individualized care. He designs personalized treatment plans that address his patients’ unique needs and preferences to optimize their overall health, wellness, and beauty. 

He also prides himself on fostering a warm and welcoming environment that leaves patients feeling comfortable, relaxed, and happy.