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Ditch the Razor and Waxing With Laser Hair Removal

There’s no doubt about it — unwanted facial and body hair can be a source of embarrassment, especially here in Southern California where warm weather makes it easy to want to bare your skin. But covering up unwanted hair isn’t always easy, and the short-term results you get from shaving and waxing just don’t last. 

Fortunately, Dr. Amir Raeesy and the team at Balboa Medical Center & Spa are dedicated to helping patients in Encino, California, feel good about themselves, inside and out. That’s why we offer the best in laser hair removal treatments. To help give you the best results possible, Dr. Raeesy uses Icon™ laser hair removal by Cynosure®, one of the leaders in aesthetic technologies and therapies. 

Read on to learn what Balboa Medical Center & Spa and Icon can do for you!

What is laser hair removal by Icon?

Icon laser hair removal is a fast and effective way to reduce unwanted body or facial hair. Using advanced laser technology, the Icon laser uses a targeted approach to blast the cells of protein at the root of your follicle that help hair grow. 

Dr. Raeesy or another Balboa Medical Center & Spa provider uses the Icon laser to destroy these cells — without damaging your sensitive skin. The result? Your skin remains hair-free after only a few treatment sessions. 

The Icon system stops new hair growth, so most people experience lasting results. However, sometimes hair can grow back for a variety of reasons. For example, changes in hormones can cause new hair to grow. 

The good news is that even if some hair grows back, it will be thinner than before your Icon treatment and can be eradicated with a quick touch-up session.    

What areas can have laser hair removal?

The Icon laser can be used safely on most areas of the body. Your provider at Balboa Medical Center & Spa works with you to create a customized treatment plan depending on the areas where you want to eliminate or reduce hair. 

Possible treatment areas include your:

Once your Icon laser treatments are complete, you’ll have the smooth, hair-free skin you’ve been hoping for! 

Are Icon laser hair removal sessions painful?

Each person experiences the sensations during an Icon laser hair removal session differently. Most of our patients describe Icon laser hair removal as relatively painless. But individual tolerance and sensitivity may cause different sensations for different patients. 

Some patients describe a tingling or tickling sensation during treatment. Others describe it as a fleeting feeling, similar to the snap of a rubber band on your skin. After treatment, it is possible for your skin to be slightly sensitive or irritated for a short period; however, this usually resolves quickly.    

How long before I’m hair-free?

The duration of each session and the number of treatments we recommend depends on a number of factors, including the area(s) of the body you want to have treated, how much hair removal is required, and the color of your hair and skin. 

Individual sessions can take minutes or about an hour depending on these factors. For example, a small area, like the chin, might only take 2 minutes while removing hair from a large area, like your chest, could take up to an hour.

While the team at Balboa Medical Center & Spa customizes a treatment plan to meet your individual needs, we typically recommend between 6-8 sessions for optimal results.   

If you’re ready to say goodbye to unwanted body or facial hair, contact Balboa Medical Center & Spa by calling our office or requesting a consultation online now.

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